Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 - it's here!!!

So, I thought I would add another thing to my plan for 2009! I am participating in the picture a day challenge (anyone else?). It's where you take a picture each day and get it in an album. Good plan for scrapbookers, and non-scrapbookers alike. Just documenting every day life. So far, I have kept up with the challenge!! Of course, we won't mention the fact that only 3 days have passed in the year thus far!! And because some days it is just hard (IMHO) to let one picture represent the day, I have done two little mini-digital layouts. They are completed and uploaded to Costco, and ready to pick up (hopefully) tomorrow. So, here they are: - well there they are - up there. Not having the best of luck getting blogger to put pics where I want them. Oh well, at least they are posting. Hmmmm, I told them all to center, and only one did. Oh well. Anyway, that's that.

We had a different sort of Christmas. Our oldest was gone to Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas. First time not having everyone home. I guess - since he is going on 16, this is a sign of the times to come. And it was just us - the remaining four of us anyway. No family around, and the one friend we had hoped to be able to make it was stranded in Seattle, due to the weather. Kind of quiet, but we made it through!

So, I am ready for routines to get underway again! Hopefully the weather won't keep school from starting on Monday. I start my classes at Whatcom on Monday. Get back to teaching on Tuesday, as I am subbing for another teacher! So for a week or two, I will work four days instead of two (at that job anyway!). My other job doesn't provide any breaks such as that. Sunday is the only day it doesn't have to be attended to! Well, change is in the air and I am ready!!!

So, Happy New Year to each of you who may happen to read this post.