Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Monday!!

I'm going to try to get going on this blogging thing!! I want to use it to keep in touch with family and friends! So, I'll start by showing off a picture of Elizabeth at ballet last week. We'll see if this works!!

WOW - it did work!! This is my lovely daughter. She is just starting ballet - notice the skirt is on backwards!! (she is the taller girl with shorter hair). Her class did a little dance performance at the end of class last week. What fun!!

Hope everyone's Monday is grand!



neilirene said...

what is a blog??????Cute little girl. She is tall. it

Shar said...

Hi Jen
Thanks for sharing your blog link.

Somehow, having met Elizabeth, I think the backwards tutu is perfectly fitting. :) Too cute!!!!

Shar :)

lynden_jen said...

Hey mom and dad!! BLOG is a web log! kind of like an online journal. Check back often - 'cause I will be (hopefully)posting pics here often!

Shar - YUP - you said it!! Thanks for looking


katie said...

Hello, Cute!!!
Hoopefully your posts will show up more often than 5 months.
See you are showing more of your talents.
Have migraine, but still intend to go to work....but that's not for almost 5 hours.